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Spring bulb planting

Laura LahertComment

Whilst doing a regular bit of shopping this week in Aldi I spotted these two packets of Spring bulbs for £1.49 each... bargain.  Who doesn't love Aldi!?!


So I made the most of yesterday's glorious weather and set to planting these.  Using a bag of bulb compost and filling a few small containers, I have everything crossed that they grow and produce the most magnificent blooms... ok, I will be happy if they just grow as I'm not green fingered at all.  


Signs of Autumn

Laura LahertComment

Whilst deliberating over what subject my first blog should be about it occured to me whilst walking my Cairn Terrier Bobby on our regular daily jaunts that all around me were the signs of Autumn that inspire the colours I use over and over again in my jewellery.  

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If I'm honest my favourite season is Spring.  The glorious signs of new life poking up through the cold dark earth, the first snowdrops always bring joy, signs that the harsh winter is slowly fading into warmer days and brighter evenings.  The first daffodil greeting us on our walk with a smile, the dark purple crocus flowers and a huge romantic blooms of blossom covering what seems to be every tree!  

But in reality it's the colours of Autumn that inspire.  They bring with them a richness of colour, as the leaves turn various shades of yellow, orange and red and then eventually brown.  It seems that just before things start to fade they are at their most colourful.  I am lucky to live in such a green land where walking with Bobby I can immerse myself in the surroundings of nature, look up to see a Red Kite circuling and riding the thermals in search of his next meal, listen to the chorus of birdsong that greets every walk, look down to see the green grass interspaced with happy daisies and dandelions.  It is on these walks where I get most inspiration.

Here is Bobby, my love, my joy and walking companion.